What is "FENIX"?


Phoenix is, according to the Egyptian mythology, a sacred mythological being shaped as a fiery bird, to be more precise, the phoenix is a bird of a red-golden color. According to this story it is said it lives 500,1461 or 12.594 years (depending on the source). After the end of the life cycle the phoenix burns and then from the ashes a young phoenix rises. The young phoenix turns the ashes into an egg and sends it to the city of Heliopolis (Greek city of the Sun) in Egypt. Due to such beliefs, the phoenix has become a symbol of resurrection, rebirth, hope, chastity, marriage, faith, endurance, summer, eternity, immortality, light… It represents the cosmic fire from which the world was created and in which it shall end.

The phoenix appears in many other mythologies in addition to the Egyptian and Greek: Chinese, Jewish, Russian… but where ever it is mentioned, it's associated with the resurrection, immortality, victory over all adversity and the forces of evil because it is always reborn, emerging from the ashes. The Romans painted the figure of the Phoenix on coins and medals as a sign of their desire for Roman empire to last forever and in the Russian folklore Phoenix is also known as the Fire bird.

In many countries, it was believed that only one Phoenix lived at a time. It is born from itself and it does not follow the natural laws of reproduction.

There are traditions that say a phoenix heals itself when it is hurt, and that proves its immortality - the symbol of fire. It is said that the phoenix by using it own tears can heal any wounds.


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