Motorcycle Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH MS) was established on July 11th, 2011. at the constituting session in Kresevo. The establishment of the federation was confirmed by the Declaration of the Ministry of Justice of Bosnia and Herzegovina number: UP 08-07-1-1481 / 11 (from 13.09.2011.) and is registered in the register of the Ministry of Justice and Ministry of Civil Affairs.

MS Bosnia and Herzegovina was established in accordance with the Law on Sports of Bosnia and Herzegovina ("Official Gazette", No. 27/08) and the Law on Unions and Foundations of Bosnia and Herzegovina ("Official Gazette", No. 32/01, 42/03 and 63/08). MS BiH is a branch union of voluntarily united Sports Automobile Association of the Republic of Srpska (SAMS RS) and Motorcycle association the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (FBiH MS).

MS BiH was established to achieve the objectives and tasks as an independent organization to carry out activities in motorcycle racing, especially in motorcycle sport. The Federation is an interest, sports and non-political organization. The area of the Federation is the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina.


Headquarters for the MS BiH is in Kresevo in Fra-Grg eMartica bb street, and the President of the association is Davor Kozul.The federation feature is a legal person with rights and obligations stipulated by the law and its Statute.

Federation has a seal and a stamp.

MS BiH is a supreme sports and professional body for motorcycle sport in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

MS BiH has emerged as the result of long-standing desire of motorcycle riders, motorcycle activists and motorcycle clubs in Bosnia and Herzegovina to stop being dependent on other associations and bodies in Bosnia and Herzegovina and to finally get a legal entity / person through which they can freely and autonomously perform activities aimed at the development of motorcycling, primarily the sport of motorcycling.